About Us

BodyRock Sport is a website that advises people who go to the gym on the best fashions and gymwear that is available and covers both the functionality of what you wear to the gym and also how to look your very best even when you are training.

It’s main function is to advise gymgoers who equally love fitness and fashion, and want to look their very best in the gym whilst also wearing clothing and accessories that offers them the desired range of movement, comfort and durability.

The site has evolved to cover information, reviews and recommendations across the entire range of activewear items, with the focus being on only advising on and recommending items that have the highest quality fabrics and detailing, as well as manufacturing standards.

What makes good gymwear?

Generally as well as offering the required level of durability and wear and tear required to withstand intense gym workouts and exercise routines, the items that we recommend often contain many additional features specific to gymwear that makes them ideal for working out in, such as iPod pockets, side zippers, front zippers, tag less labels, and the best quality moisture wicking fabrics.
Many of the items that we recommend and cover are innovative and have the very latest technology and design incorporated into them, which means that not only will you look and feel great, but you will also benefit from the very latest research and developments within the world of gym activewear to help you to get the very most from each and every workout – no matter what you are wearing.

The advice on our site is just our opinion and we always advice speaking to a medical professional for advice if you are looking for sports wear for any medical condition.