Best Training Jackets To Wear To The Gym

During the colder months working out, you’ll want to stay warm by wearing some additional outwear to the gym such as a suitable jacket – but how do you make a decision on which one is right for you?

Well, a decent jacket for the gym needs to have a number of key attributes if it’s going to allow you to train at maximum intensity without interfering with your workout, we round-up the key things to look for below…

The jacket must be able to withstand all weather conditions and be durable enough to handle all the rigours and stresses of strains of being taken through a high-intensity workout.

Built-in Sweat Lodges
When you’re in the gym training hard you’re going to sweat – alot, and the jacket must be able to absorb and deal with this moisture in a way that keeps you comfortable throughout your workout and doesn’t distract from the job in hand.

Type of Fabric
It’s vital to get the right kind of fabric for comfort, ease of movement and durability – look for garments made from fabrics such as Gore-Tex and Nylon for peak performance whilst you are working out.

As well as the sweat that will inevitably build up on you during a workout, there may be times when you train outside and if the weather is not on your side, then you need something that is not going to become heavy and cumbersome whilst training if it starts to rain.

Again look for the right fabric so that as your body temperature rise and falls as you workout and cool down again, you never become excessively hot or cold because you are not wearing the right type of garments. This is why you need to ensure your jacket is highly breathable if you are going to be wearing it whilst conducting your workout.

Our recommendation:

North Face Hyper Air GTX
This is classed as the most breathable, ultra-lightweight jacket ever, with it’s waterproof shell crafted of Gore-Tex® which helps to combat wind, rain and sweat during your workout. It’s design means it is also highly durable which is another reason why it’s our top recommendation for you if you are looking for a jacket to wear whilst working out.