Choosing The Right Gymwear

One thing is guaranteed when you go to the gym and workout to a decent intensity – you’re going to sweat – alot! That’s why you need the right clothing to wear to the gym, so we’ve produced a run-down of how to make sure that you choose exactly the right clothes to wear to the gym – read on to find out more…..

Forgot about everything else – the number one priority for anything that you wear to the gym should be comfort. Workouts where you push yourself to the maximum are hard enough without having to worry about things like irritating chaffing or itchiness from your sweaty gymclothes, so make sure you choose the right fabrics and fit to ensure that everything you wear to the gym is 100% comfortable and does not distract you from the job at hand.

Choose the right fabric
When you are looking for gymwear clothing, you should opt for workhorse fabrics that can easily withstand the rigours and demands of a heavy workout, and this means going for breathable synthetic fabrics that either contain polypropylene or for fabrics such as COOLMAX® and SUPPLEX®.

They will allow the sweat to be evaporated from the skin but do not soak clothing and leave you feeling overly sweaty and uncomfortable.

Clothing that is made out of Cotton, rubber or plastic materials should be avoided, as they keep sweat from evaporating which is likely to raise your body temperature too high during your workout.

Get the Right Fit
It’s important to wear clothes that are loose and comfortable enough, but be careful that your gymwear is not overly baggy if you are taking part in activities such as biking where for example trousers could get tangled up in the pedals of the bike.

Have different clothing for different times of year
Naturally you’ll need a whole different range of clothing for different times of year, as the climate will vary greatly and it’s important to stay at the right temperature when you are working out for maximum comfort and performance.

So you need a range of clothing for each season that suits the various conditions, and for example in very cold weather during the winter months, be sure to include some of our recommended accessories such as hats, gloves and waterproof over-jackets to ensure you keep nice and dry from the rain and are not bogged down during your workout by clothing becoming soaking wet.