Choosing The Right Sports Bra

When choosing the right sports bra it’s important to get things right, and when you are exercising hard this particular area of your body needs a lot more support and protection than normal – so follow our essential tips below to make certain that you get the right sports bra for you:

Get the Bra Type Right
The most common mistake that women make when choosing a sports bra is getting the cup and band wrong – to get this right either try and seek out an expert fitter who can advise you correctly, or use a proper sports bra advisory website (such as this one) to get all the advice and guidance that you need to make sure you get this essential piece of gym wear spot on.

Get the specifications right
Buying the right sports bra might sound simple, but there’s a vast array of options which can confuse things unless you’re getting the proper expert advice – you have to choose between options such as compression vs encapsulation, racerback or widestraps, and pullover or backclasp.

Get expert advice from someone who can take you through these various options and advise you properly on each one.

Test your chosen sports bra by giving it a stretch
Once you have a particular sports bra in mind, perform a series of test on the bra by pulling and stretching the straps, the cups, and the band and side panels – you’re looking to test how much motion and flexibility is in each area of the sports bra, so you know how much room for error you’ve got in terms of getting the perfect fit and support whilst you are in the gym training.