5 of the best fitness workout clothes for women


Gymming, exercising and working out has become a very important part in the life of people. As more and more people are being aware of the importance of fitness, working out is becoming a common thing. If you too are planning to make yourself fit, then you are probably looking for the right type of fitness workout clothes. We are here with 5 of the best fitness workout clothes that can enhance your work out experience and can make it more comfortable. So to know the top 5 types of workout clothes, you can keep reading.

Importance of fitness workout clothes

Before discussing about the type of clothes, it is a doubt of many people as to why is it important to focus on the workout clothes. Well! The clothes that we wear put a lot impact on our mind as well as our comfort. If you are expecting a proper workout then you must have good clothes for it. The workout clothes are more fit and comfortable as compared to the normal; clothes. They let your body breath better so that you can work out for longer durations without feeling irritated. This is the reason good fitness workout clothes are important.

5 of the best fitness workout clothes for women

  1. Tank tops– tank tops are body fitted tops that are usually made up of breathable material. The best part about these tops is that they fit to your body perfectly enhancing your curves so that you know which part of the body you have to work out on.
  2. Sports bras- sports bras are generally like the longer and elaborated form of normal bras. They give proper coverage to a women’s bust area giving it better support so that they do not feel uncomfortable while working out. All the top brands of the world are offering sports bras for the purpose of workout.
  3. T shirts– body fitted T shirts is also a very good option for the girls or women who do not feel comfortable in showing off their body. Though the T shirts are not as body fit as that of the other choices available but they are comfortable and breathable as well.
  4. Leggings– when we talk about the bottom wear for the fitness workout clothes, leggings are mandatory. They are skinny body fit pants that stick to the legs and are made out of thin breathable material. Leggings are generally full length. However, they are also available in knee length and shorts as well. This material is fit for work out and is the first choice of almost all the women today.
  5. Crop tops– crop tops are short tops that generally are of navel length. These tops are very popular these days because they give a very fashionable look and are comfortable as well.

Whichever type of cloth is your choice makes sure that you choose a right material. The material must be breathable so that it doesn’t irritate your skin. It is recommendable that you go only for branded sports wears for best experience.

Body Shaming is NOT Motivational!

Body Shaming is NOT Motivational!

Recently we noticed a comedian posted a video about how body shaming is motivational. Body shaming is NOT motivational. Read why she’s way off base!

Fat shaming, like it helps?

I came across this video made by a comedian the other day. Honestly, I tried to watch it, but all the F-bombs, insults, and complete lack of hilarity, I couldn’t make it even halfway through. I sat there, flames out my ears ready to punch someone. This video seriously pissed me off. Not many things do that. Part of it is her sincerely portrayed feelings Fat shaming is so pervasive in the media & in our normal lives. If a starlet has gained 5 lbs, within no time the tabloids and gossipers are on that calling them fat. Since social media rules our lives, we are required to make split second decisions about whether someone is worth our time, and often those ideas about one’s body comes up within those first moments.

One aspect I did take out of her “comedic” (yup, still don’t see the funny side of it) rant on obese people is that they can change their health and their bodies by eating healthy and exercising. True, there is a huge aspect of lifestyle that affects our weight and our health, but if it were that simple, wouldn’t there be fewer people who fit into the overweight and obese categories? And even farther, she said that shaming people gets them to change habits. That is the stupidest claim I’ve ever heard. Hey, Nicole, if I were to poke fun at your Ke$ha pink hair, would you immediately be shamed into stripping the color out? Ha! I’m going to take a shot in the dark and guess that your reply would be more along the lines of “eff you! I’m now going to dye all my hair Ke$ha pink” But really. As women in particular, we’re bombarded with this never ending slew of insults against us and our bodies. People who don’t have the bodies we’re lead to believe we need from popular media, likely have insecurities about that, and having people point those out at any rate makes it no better. Since body weight, body image, and lifestyles are deep seeded and multifaceted, let’s focus on building each other up and spreading the love, not the hate. Because hate doesn’t change behavior, and in the unfortunate instance when it does, it could lead to other unhealthy behaviors or thoughts. We’re better than that ladies and gentlemen. #mycatdoesntjudgeme. “Your weight does not measure your worth-Whitney Thore”

Whitney Thore, star of TLC’s My Fit Fat Fabulous Life, shares her honest rebuttle. She owns it.

As someone who hasn’t been overweight or had any outstanding experiences being body shamed, I can’t completely understand. But being a 20’something woman, with a great (functional-see here) body, but an imperfect body who almost solely sees images of women with flawless bodies around social media and even in real life, I have moments or streaks of inadequacies. I have times where I intentionally workout a bit harder to tone up my arms to meet that expectation of ideal arms, but that doesn’t last. Because it’s someone else’s idea of perfect, not mine. No one is immune to body shaming, to feeling inadequate. And, unfortunately, I think that’s normal. Let’s stop critiquing what we see in the mirror and focus on making experiences, treating our bodies well (this totally includes our inner and stated dialogue), and focusing on what makes us unique and great, not cloning ourselves to fit what society deems great.

Bottom line, shaming or guilting people doesn’t lead them to make lifestyle changes. Research shows that it does just the opposite. If you’ve ever been body shamed (which, lets be honest, who hasn’t in one way or another), those who shamed you are probably just insecure and taking it out on you. If you’re the one who has shamed others for their bodies, I strongly urge you to take a step back and think about your own motivation for shaming someone for how they look. Do you honestly think your “helpful” (actually very harmful) words are going to change people who are overweight or obese. Chances are that the reasons they’re carrying extra lbs around is far more complicated than you could imagine. So just think about it, zip your trap, and be nice to people.

We HATE fat shaming and want to promote healthy body images.

Let’s get chatty:

What have your experiences been with fat/body shaming? Have you been on either side? What have you learned about it?

Did you hear about/watch this infamous video?

What’s something you can do to support someone who wants to lose weight, or even someone who doesn’t but fits in a higher weight category?

General Fitness tips

As people, we’re often looking for ways to improve our health and ensure a long life. However, not all of us have the time to maintain our health, and some don’t even know how to keep healthy in the first place. To try and ensure that you can stay in top health, today we have asked Right Path Fitness for there five health tips for your general well-being.

Eat healthy foods

This is at the top of the list and is one of the most basic health tips possible. If you want to stay healthy and live a good long life, then make sure what you eat is healthy too. Now, this doesn’t mean cutting out all the crisps and cakes; it just means eating in moderation. A healthy diet is one which is balanced, and contains things from every type of food group, making sure that there’s plenty of fruits, vegetables, carbohydrates, and other types of foods to ensure good health.

Try and exercise

This general health tip is always one that you’ll hear when you look for advice on how to stay healthy. Exercise is important for making sure that the foods you eat and the calories you consume are burned off as quickly as possible. Regular exercise has a range of health benefits, but above all else, it will help you to stay in good health overall.

Sleep well

Another way to keep your health good is to sleep well and regularly. Sleep is crucial for the human body, providing a time where the body can repair and recharge itself, ready for the next day. A good night’s sleep will work wonders for the body and mind and will give you the strength to start the day properly.

Try and avoid stress

Stress can be terrible for the human body, making the mind unfocused and uncoordinated, and manifesting as physical symptoms such as a need to eat or stomach problems. Trying to limit the amount of stress you have in your life is good for maintaining a long and healthy life.

Take time to look after you

While these health tips are all well and good, there are lots of benefits to be gained from taking the time to focus on you. Getting a spa treatment, or unwinding with a good book can be helpful for making sure that you’re relaxed and content, which is essential for a good general health.

These are just a few general health tips which will help you to stay in good shape. Your body is precious and should be treated with kindness and consideration, as it becomes harder to undo mistakes as you get older. If you look after yourself, you’ll be thankful in older age, as the body begins to slow down, and you’ll still be able to have the energy and the fitness for the important things. A good diet, plenty of sleep, and time to focus on yourself can all help to contribute to a good general health, both physically and mentally.

5 Fitness Tips to Improve Your Fitness

5 Fitness tips that give you the opportunity to wear your new sports wear.

Trying to get your level of fitness up can be frustrating, especially when life gets in the way. Finding time to go to the gym or exercise class can sometimes seem like an impossibility when you are trying to nail the daily must do stuff like working and bringing up children. However there are some sneaky shortcuts that can help you get fitter quicker, and you might not even have considered them.


Dogs are an excellent way to get out and to walk. If you have the kids with you, so what! They can all join in the activity. If you are on your own, you can combine your walking with a gentle jog if your dog is also fit an healthy. There are lots of groups now that allow you to borrow a dog if you do not have one, and by walking them, you are helping out another time pressured or housebound dog owner. Dogs are also great company and good for the mental state so your mood should improve too. Bending down to pick up his droppings is also a good if rather negative side of walking a dog!

Put Yourself Out

What can you do to inconvenience yourself? Sounds like a mad idea, but taking the stairs over the lift, or getting off the bus a stop early and walking are all good ways to increase your fitness without actively going to a gym. If you have to collect something from upstairs – run up don’t mooch as we are all prone to do. Stop sending the children to fetch you a cup of tea, and instead go yourself and have a little dance while waiting for the kettle to boil. Small changes soon add up.

Home Gym

Turn your house into a gym! Leave a set of hand weights out in the kitchen so you can lift weights while waiting for things to cook. Have your yoga mat in the bedroom so you can get in some stretching before bed or when you wake up. The only limits are your imagination. If you are ever waiting for something – the kettle, the bath to fill, etc. – move! Jump, skip, dance or hop around to pass the time and boost that fitness with ease.

Keep Exercise Short

Various studies have shown that shorter spurts of exercise are better than running for hours. Interval training is a prime example of this within a gym environment, but you can do your own at home. When you go for a walk challenge yourself to add a quick burst of running, once ever two mins for 30 seconds or so. Run to the end of the road and back a few times, you might get a few strange looks but don’t worry about that!
Count Your Steps

Fitness trackers are huge at the moment. There is a good reason for that; they do work. Not only do you get an idea of how much you are moving, but you can get competitive with yourself and start setting targets. A base target for the average healthy adult it 10k steps a day, but if you cannot manage that, wear your tracker for a few days and see what your average is, then add 1000 and challenge yourself to get that figure every day for a month.

For more fitness tips we recommend checking out the following sites for great health and fitness articles http://www.menshealth.co.uk http://www.womenshealthmag.co.uk www.nhs.uk/livewell/fitness

Best Training Jackets To Wear To The Gym

During the colder months working out, you’ll want to stay warm by wearing some additional outwear to the gym such as a suitable jacket – but how do you make a decision on which one is right for you?

Well, a decent jacket for the gym needs to have a number of key attributes if it’s going to allow you to train at maximum intensity without interfering with your workout, we round-up the key things to look for below…

The jacket must be able to withstand all weather conditions and be durable enough to handle all the rigours and stresses of strains of being taken through a high-intensity workout.

Built-in Sweat Lodges
When you’re in the gym training hard you’re going to sweat – alot, and the jacket must be able to absorb and deal with this moisture in a way that keeps you comfortable throughout your workout and doesn’t distract from the job in hand.

Type of Fabric
It’s vital to get the right kind of fabric for comfort, ease of movement and durability – look for garments made from fabrics such as Gore-Tex and Nylon for peak performance whilst you are working out.

As well as the sweat that will inevitably build up on you during a workout, there may be times when you train outside and if the weather is not on your side, then you need something that is not going to become heavy and cumbersome whilst training if it starts to rain.

Again look for the right fabric so that as your body temperature rise and falls as you workout and cool down again, you never become excessively hot or cold because you are not wearing the right type of garments. This is why you need to ensure your jacket is highly breathable if you are going to be wearing it whilst conducting your workout.

Our recommendation:

North Face Hyper Air GTX
This is classed as the most breathable, ultra-lightweight jacket ever, with it’s waterproof shell crafted of Gore-Tex® which helps to combat wind, rain and sweat during your workout. It’s design means it is also highly durable which is another reason why it’s our top recommendation for you if you are looking for a jacket to wear whilst working out.


Beat Headphones for the Gym

One of the key ingredients to any full-on, high-octane workout has to be the right music – and that means ensuring that you have a decent pair of gym headphones that not only provide the required soundtrack, but also don’t unnecessarily interfere with your workout or become a distraction in any way.

That’s why we’re rounding up a selection of the best headphones that you can buy for the gym….check out our personal recommendations below:

Optoma NuForce BE Sport3
These are superb for audi quality and get on our list as they are comfortable, very lightweight and have a battery life of up to 10 hours.

Monster iSport Victory
These are built for pure comfort in the gym as well as sound quality – they fit amazingly well due to their sleek design and the fact they come with a range of tips and wings as standard so you can tailor them to your exact fit.

Bose SoundSport Pulse
These make our list for pure innovation – they are the first headphones which come with a built in heart rate monitor, which means they simply had to be included due to their design that is tailored specifically towards the health and fitness market.

Gibson Trainer Ti100
These headphones also contain some innovation that caught our eye as health and fitness professionals – they have a built in flashing light on the back of the headphones designed for night running and fitness safety. They also come with a wide range of different tips so that they can be optimised for comfort for the gym.

Bose SoundSport
These headphones simply have to be considered as Bose are the official supplier of headsets to coaches in the NFL, meaning they seriously know a thing or two about making headphones for the sports and health and fitness market.

So perhaps not surprising there’s some great innovation here aimed squarely at health and fitness enthusiasts – these headphones contain hydrophobic cloth that keeps sweat out whilst you are working out, and they come with an in-line mic and an extension cable for versatility in the gym. All in all these are an excellent contender which should always be on your shortlist when you are selecting a pair of headphones for use in the gym.


Choosing The Right Sports Bra

When choosing the right sports bra it’s important to get things right, and when you are exercising hard this particular area of your body needs a lot more support and protection than normal – so follow our essential tips below to make certain that you get the right sports bra for you:

Get the Bra Type Right
The most common mistake that women make when choosing a sports bra is getting the cup and band wrong – to get this right either try and seek out an expert fitter who can advise you correctly, or use a proper sports bra advisory website (such as this one) to get all the advice and guidance that you need to make sure you get this essential piece of gym wear spot on.

Get the specifications right
Buying the right sports bra might sound simple, but there’s a vast array of options which can confuse things unless you’re getting the proper expert advice – you have to choose between options such as compression vs encapsulation, racerback or widestraps, and pullover or backclasp.

Get expert advice from someone who can take you through these various options and advise you properly on each one.

Test your chosen sports bra by giving it a stretch
Once you have a particular sports bra in mind, perform a series of test on the bra by pulling and stretching the straps, the cups, and the band and side panels – you’re looking to test how much motion and flexibility is in each area of the sports bra, so you know how much room for error you’ve got in terms of getting the perfect fit and support whilst you are in the gym training.


Choosing The Right Gymwear

One thing is guaranteed when you go to the gym and workout to a decent intensity – you’re going to sweat – alot! That’s why you need the right clothing to wear to the gym, so we’ve produced a run-down of how to make sure that you choose exactly the right clothes to wear to the gym – read on to find out more…..

Forgot about everything else – the number one priority for anything that you wear to the gym should be comfort. Workouts where you push yourself to the maximum are hard enough without having to worry about things like irritating chaffing or itchiness from your sweaty gymclothes, so make sure you choose the right fabrics and fit to ensure that everything you wear to the gym is 100% comfortable and does not distract you from the job at hand.

Choose the right fabric
When you are looking for gymwear clothing, you should opt for workhorse fabrics that can easily withstand the rigours and demands of a heavy workout, and this means going for breathable synthetic fabrics that either contain polypropylene or for fabrics such as COOLMAX® and SUPPLEX®.

They will allow the sweat to be evaporated from the skin but do not soak clothing and leave you feeling overly sweaty and uncomfortable.

Clothing that is made out of Cotton, rubber or plastic materials should be avoided, as they keep sweat from evaporating which is likely to raise your body temperature too high during your workout.

Get the Right Fit
It’s important to wear clothes that are loose and comfortable enough, but be careful that your gymwear is not overly baggy if you are taking part in activities such as biking where for example trousers could get tangled up in the pedals of the bike.

Have different clothing for different times of year
Naturally you’ll need a whole different range of clothing for different times of year, as the climate will vary greatly and it’s important to stay at the right temperature when you are working out for maximum comfort and performance.

So you need a range of clothing for each season that suits the various conditions, and for example in very cold weather during the winter months, be sure to include some of our recommended accessories such as hats, gloves and waterproof over-jackets to ensure you keep nice and dry from the rain and are not bogged down during your workout by clothing becoming soaking wet.